René Magritte (1898-1967)

Special Lithography Prints



René Magritte is one of the great Surrealist artists who left the magnificent footprint in the 20th art history. “René Magritte JAPAN PREMIUM EDITION” was a set of lithography prints created in 2015 to commemorate the huge exhibition held in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.

lithographie, estampe, magritte, golconde
Original case

Under the full cooperation of The Magritte Gallery in Belgique, this special edition comes in a set in portfolio with 4 different artworks including of “The Castle of the Pyrenees” which will be specially put on display for the upcoming exhibition in Kyoto. This special portfolio is produced only for the Magritte retrospective exhibition in Japan with 50 limited sets.

Each lithograph is numbered JP1/50~50/50 by pencil to prove a Japan Premium Edition with an initial signature of Mr. Charly Herscovici, the representative of the Foundation Magritte.

Also, the blind stamps of both the Magritte Estate and the ADAGP are imprinted in the bottom.


◆ Sheet Size : 60×45cm

◆ Edition : 50 sets only

The Description of Work


<printed in back>


Lithography reproduction of René Magritte’s work

"Golconde, 1953"

Oil on canvas, 80.7 x 110.6cm

Collection of The Menil Collection, Houston



The limited edition for a special Magritte exhibition in Japan in 2015

under the direction of the art editor Mr. Phillipe Moreno in Belgique with the authorization of ADAGP.


Sheet size: 60 x 45cm

Printed on BFK-Rives paper in a limited edition of 50



Hand sign of Mr. Phillipe Moreno in the lower right margin


<left bottom>

Edition numbered JP1/50~50/50 in pencil along with an initial hand-sign by the representative of ADAGP representing the Magritte succession, Mr. Charly Herscovici. Embossing of ADAGP.

lithographie, estampe, magritte, golconde

<right bottom>

Plated-signature of René Magritte and embossed stamp of the Magritte succession.


lithographie, estampe, magritte, golconde

lithographie, estamp, magritte, golconde

"Golconde (Golconda), 1963"

lithograph, 2015, Image size: 37.5 x 47cm / 14.8 x 18.5inch

Price (non-framed): $1,200 including tax with original red case

Edition: 50 (only few left in stock)



The following 3 works from Japan Premium Edition are all SOLD OUT

マグリット ピレネーの城 リトグラフ


 “Le Château des Pyrénées

(The Castle of the Pyrenees), 1959”

マグリット 大家族 リトグラフ

”La Grande Famille

(The Great Family), 1963”

マグリット 光の帝国 リトグラフ

 L'Empire des lumières

(The Empire of Lights), 1954”

The display of JAPAN PREMIUM EDITION lithography prints in the gift shop at The National Art Center, Tokyo

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